Using the Map and the Site's Features

Advanced Fire Information System

This page provides a map interface to Active Fires observed by:

Active Fires are essentially parts of an image taken by the instruments that are considered "hotspots". [details]

Use the viewer to navigate to the area of interest and then click on any Active Fire feature to view the attribute information associated with that observation.

Map Control Widgets

Pan the map
Get details on a marker
Measure the distance between two points
Measure the area of a polygon
Get fire report on a point of interest. Where data is available, it includes:
  • Fire danger rating for the next few days based on weather forecast
  • How long ago the place last burned
  • Burn frequency
  • Current curing percentage
  • Curing history
  • Real-time data received from nearby weather stations and computed fire danger rating
Zoom in
Zoom out

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I navigate around the map?
There are several methods available for zooming in and out as well as panning:
  1. Zooming:
    • Using the Zoom in/out functionality available in the map toolbar above the map legend. The map will zoom based upon the current centre of the map.
    • Using the mousewheel (not supported by all browsers), roll the mousewheel backwards or forwards while hovering over the map. The map will zoom around the location of the mouse pointer.
  2. Panning:
    • Dragging the map - hold down the left mouse button and drag the map, then release the mouse button.

While navigating the map, it is useful to know the current map scale. The scalebar is provided at the bottom right of the map. At the bottom left of the map, map coordinates of the mouse pointer are provided in Decimal Degrees.

How do I change the available map layers?

You can decide wich layers to view on the map by checking/unchecking the checkbox that is displayed next to each layer in the legend.

You can change the base layer (the layer drawn below all other layers) by clicking on the 'base layer' button on the toolbar at the top of the page.

What is the coordinate system of the map?
The data is displayed using the 'Google spherical mercator' projection. For display purposes coordinates are shown as decimal degrees.
What software did you use to create this site?

This site is built using Free and Open Source Software technologies: